Nutrition, Climate, Circularity, and Food systems innovation and empowerment of communities are the prioritises used as a framework for the development of the eSMART concept.


Various publications suggest that getting involved in urban food growing, or just being exposed to it in our daily lives, may lead to healthier diets and improve general well-being.
Convergent, holistically integrated, fully resilient SMART connected community with social integration / healthy
social contacts.


Building the knowledge base to
mutually understand methodological baseline and then deliver customized online + offline training sessions : design and propose open standards for sustainable citizen-driven food systems and improved nutrition behaviour.

Community support

eSMART will function as an ecosystem for community accessibility, self-production of food, entrepreneurship platform, transgenerational education and knowledge exchange, and will open up opportunities for more sustainable city (and city surroundings) and for the participation of its citizens.

Open Software & Hardware

Ideas and knowledge should be shared among peers. In addition, the project aims at leveraging on open source approaches to build a “culture of data”, where people and organisations are empowered to understand the way data is produced and can be analysed and used by different stakeholders

eSMART – Empowering peri-urban Sustainable Management solutions through Art, Research and Technology


Your food from your neighborhood! Eat more healthy food, be in contact with nature and engage socially.

Our aim is that all people can enjoy freshly harvested salads and vegetables in the Potsdam/Berlin area. This will improve the health and the ecological and social climate in cities.

With circular farming spaces as a service (FaaS), which are accessible from the urban area, open to the communities that need it the most, we all can pave the way to a more resilient and sustainable world.


The world faces serious social issues that undermine the quality of life (in particular of certain collectives) and eSMART wants to place people in a vulnerable situation such as the elderly, migrant and seasonal workers, or low-income individuals – seldom voiced- at the centre of a new business model ensuring access to garden space, educational networks/tools and healthy food, to turn them into reliable lay experts and co-researchers of a participatory vertical farming reality.


Grow your own food

If you grow it, it taste better

These complex challenges require a different approach that must go beyond traditional forms of
innovation. To reconcile the disruptive potential of technology with the social texture of local communities and the ecological cycles of nature, we need creativity, playfulness, courage, determination and a new socio-economic paradigm.


eat SMART, ecologically SMART, entrepreneurship SMART




Memberships and land leasing (soon)

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