Polyhedra Labs and other stakeholders in our circles are actively pushing forward activities and spreading info to achieve the climate goals of the EU.

Some of the activities are:

Interdisciplinary planting trees activity with scientists and artists of Berlin-Brandenburg (for the 3 Billion Trees Pledge). 27 Oct 2021. 10 trees were successfully planted and protected.
(including 5 periodic visits for watering during the first months)

addendum: all trees are still alive and growing (01/2022, 06/2022 and 12/2022)

Ecosystem circularity activation day – mushroom inoculation in logs at Potsdam West.  13 Nov 2021 – 17 logs (ca. 1m length and 15 cm diameter).  Artificial inoculation with decay fungi has been reported to be successful in causing decomposition in trees. These facilitate a subsequent use-increase by wildlife.

These activities had a good acceptance. Similar actions will be repeated in the following months. The discussions on the topics increase people’s awareness of ecosystems.



– Workshops on ecosystems health and climate critical thinking – from 26.04.2022 to 12 .05.2022
– Familien Forstlauf – 10.06.2022
– Forest action day. (plant recognition and wild foods cooking session) – 21.6.2022
– Kinder und Natur 25 Sept 2022


In addition, more activities are planned with schools from Berlin.


*Polyhedra Labs cofinanced the actions