Polyhedra Labs gUG is an NGO promoting regenerative agriculture education it will start a platform dedicated to environmental education. We joined the European Climate Pact to build a more sustainable Europe for us all, a common cause to which we all can contribute.

As an organization we made the following pledges:

– Planting a tree with various school classes of the area of Berlin and Potsdam (4 events planned for 2022).
– Online and physical training about natural ecosystems (at least 4 per year).
– Create editorial articles to create a community of practice with highlights on existing local initiatives.
– Promote Open-source Educational materials regarding food and food systems.

We will be sharing our concrete plans in the next few days!


Polyhedra Labs gUG is committed to fostering communities to engage in climate action by providing access to educational resources (on-line and on-site) for sustainable production and consumption.